Charotar IT Association

Charotar IT Association was established on May 2003, with a vision to provide level playing field to all the IT vendors, suppliers and service provider of Anand district.

The vision of CHITA is to harness all round development of IT and provide with best services to the customers of ANAND region. Mission of CHITA is to propel growth of IT sector and its services by developing Win-Win relationship with customers, suppliers, dealers and manufacturers. CHITA is continuously striving for achieving newer heights by virtue of association, unity and commitment for customers.

“CHITA was formed on December 26, 2003 and within short span of time has become the name synonymous to unity, commitment and enthusiasm, all the members are young and enthusiastic and as the field of IT demands: adaptable to any changes and conditions but still committed to achieve.“

CHITA promises to continually work to educate the IT users of Anand by innovative programs and awareness camps giving information about new products and technologies. CHITA will also serve as a major platform in allowing end users and industries to evaluate product, price and services of Anand IT vendors and service providers.

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A lot of business does happen here at Anand because of the large amount of corporate based here. The main concern for the association is increasing consumer awareness on IT. The association will look at organizing consumer awareness schemes, give out information on fake products, get the vendors involved in such activities and also conduct consumer awareness programs on local TV channels. We will also support members in their business, which would in turn, enhance channels. IT penetration helps vendors, distributors and channels and this can only take place by increase in number of IT activities at Anand.

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We provide counselling services for studying

  • The USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, NewZealand, Singapore, HongKong, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Mauritius, Dubai.
  • We also cater to some top design courses in Italy, some top engineering and management courses in Germany.
  • Some top-ranked MBAs or MIMs in Spain, Netherlands (mostly that are found in the Top Rankings).

Chita is one of the Leading IT Consultants, acknowledged for providing best guidance and counselling to the Customer. the computer's tangible components or delivery systems that store and run the written instructions provided by the software. Our expert mentors understand the dilemma of Customer and hence, have the par excellence in resolving all their problems. We keep extensive knowledge of the ever-changing IT sector. Hardware refers to the physical, tangible computer equipment and devices, which provide support for major functions such as input, processing (internal storage, computation and control), output, secondary storage (for data and programs), and communication. Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) is a procurement model that is similar to leasing or licensing in which hardware that belongs to a managed service provider (MSP) is installed at a customer's site and a service level agreement (SLA) defines the responsibilities of both parties.

We believe that “Knowledge is power”. “I link this directly into my business philosophy, which is about putting students first, giving a personal service and genuinely caring about them and their success.”

The scope of hardware engineering is limited not just to the designing and development of computer or embedded systems, but also to integrate the various devices for the functioning of the entire business system..

Computer Hardware Engineer. As a computer hardware engineer, you may design different parts for a computer, such as circuit boards, processors, routers or mice. Software engineers can typically succeed in a wide variety of industries related to computer design while hardware engineering is a more competitive field.

Image result for hardware service vision A customer service vision is a statement that clearly defines the type of customer service employees are expected to provide. In some companies, this is a standalone statement that's separate from other items like mission, vision, and values. The hardware store vision statement should be customer-focused and look to the future. For example, your vision statement could communicate, “XYZ Hardware promises to work toward providing every customer with access to the best quality tools for any job.” The vision statement is tantamount to stating future goals.

Our utmost goal is supporting all the aspirants to walk through an easy way to acquire all the required knowledge and pursue international recognization. Helping hands to the young talents to bring up as a global talent. We evolve into a centre of excellence in overseas education through outstanding career guidance through integrity and utmost professionalism, to provide the highest quality and offer unstinted support to clients, in tune with its quality policy and values.

Commitment to growing our business with an emphasis on Excellence, Honesty, Integrity & Updated Knowledge.

To build strong and credible relationships with partner institutions. To provide customized solutions to students aspiring to study overseas. “Our mission is to change the world, one person at a time,” we commented. “Skill development is the way forward - we need to give back to the community and only when we serve the needs of the underprivileged, will we make a difference in the world.”

Honesty, Commitment, Transparency and Value Addition.

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