Lottery / Prize Fraud

06-10-2022 179 Likes

A person can be lured with email/ SMS/ call informing him/her that their name or number was selected in a lucky draw and they can get a huge prize by verifying their details.

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Denial of Service

06-10-2022 206 Likes

In a Denial of Service, the accused attack server of any bank or company and keep it so busy that the server / services turn “unavailable” for normal users.

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Tower Installation Fraud

06-10-2022 234 Likes

The fraudsters lure victims by promising huge returns after they allow installation of a mobile tower on their piece of land.

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Virus/Malware Attack

06-10-2022 166 Likes

Malware can be viruses, trojans, worms or ransomware. The viruses affect system functioning and makes the system slow whereas trojans gather data in the background without getting detected in general scan.

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Online Shopping Fraud

06-10-2022 194 Likes

Fraudsters put advertisements for electronic goods, vehicles, clothing, etc. on social media or portals for sale. Once someone contacts them for the same, they are asked to make advance payment for the goods.

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Data Theft

06-10-2022 204 Likes

In simple parlance, if any information or data which belongs to a person or organization gets stolen by methods of spoofing, phishing and malware attack, it can be identified as data theft.

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Chemical/Seeds related Cyber Crime

06-10-2022 225 Likes

In this modus operandi, fraudsters create fake email id or social media profile and approach manufacturers of chemical or seeds.

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Ransomware Attack

06-10-2022 218 Likes

Ransom is now collected by the criminal’s expert in online programming and hacking by locking down a remote server or individual system.

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Insurance Fraud

06-10-2022 178 Likes

In this method, the accused retrieve information on customers of various insurance firms and contact them on pretext of getting them refund for insurance or threatening them with discontinuation of the accounts for not accessing it regularly.

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E-commerce related fraud

06-10-2022 149 Likes

Be cautious while using websites like OLX to buy or sell items.

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